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Keller Machine

Welcome to Keller Machine. We are a full service machine shop, serving the Bismarck-Mandan area since 1985. We provide engine machining services for a wide variety of markets, including automotive, agricultural, small engine, and even light industrial applications. Whether you are a performance enthusiast, a hobby rebuilder, or a customer who just needs it fixed, we are here to help. At Keller Machine, you can always count on us for honest, professional service and advice.

We offer a variety of services common to engine rebuilding, including:

-Parts Cleaning

-Cylinder Boring/Honing


-Line Boring/Honing for Mains and Cams

-Cylinder Head Seat and Guide Machining

-Valve Grinding

-Connecting Rod Reconditioning

-Rod and Piston Disassembly/Assembly (float or press)

-Resurfacing of Blocks, Heads, and Manifolds

-Removal of Seized Fasteners/Studs

-Magnafluxing and Pressure Testing